Treating Customers Fairly

At The Select Partnership, we are committed to offering our customers the highest possible standards of service. In so doing we are pleased to support the Financial Conduct Authority initiative “Treating Customers Fairly”.

We recognise that both we and our customers have everything to gain if we look after your best interests and treat you fairly in all aspects of our dealings with you.

We take care to maintain high standards and if we are aware of client concerns or unease we give priority to resolving the matter as quickly as possible. We therefore have a clear process which ensures that complaints, however rare, are handled fairly and within reasonable timescales. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure.

In the event of a complaint, if we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction or within our stated timescale, then you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within 6 months of the date of our final response letter. Otherwise you may lose the right to this referral right. A copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service leaflet ‘your complaint and the Ombudsman’ will be sent to you and you may request further copies as necessary.

The Financial Ombudsman Service can be contacted at Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR



Tel 0800 023 4567

As part of our commitment we will:

                            • Provide clear information about the products and service we offer, including fees and charges
                            • Ascertain clients individual needs, preferences and circumstances before recommending a product
                            • Only recommend products that we consider suitable and that we believe our clients afford
                            • Not recommend a product if we can’t find one we consider suitable
                            • Encourage our clients to ask if there’s something they don’t understand
                            • Provide access to a formal complaints procedure if a client should become unhappy with our service

We ask clients to:

                          • Tell us as much as possible about their income and outgoings, to enable us to properly assess how much they can afford
                          • Let us know about changes that might affect their ability to meet their repayments
                          • Let us know if there is any aspect of our service, or a product we have discussed or recommended that they don’t understand
                          • Tell us if they think there are ways we can improve our service

If you would like to contact us by email please send us a brief message and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively call us on 01244 674411.